Our History

Since HOT Graphics first opened in 1964, we have remained committed to staying on the cutting edge of printing and fulfillment technologies. What began as House of Typography, a small but enterprising outfit consisting of two Monotype machines capable of setting four lines of type per minute, has developed into a highly sophisticated printing, binding, direct mail and fulfillment resource.

Today, we offer the most advanced printing services available backed by unparalleled commitment to service. With the recent addition of the Mitsubishi Diamond 3000R, our capabilities have grown significantly.

HOT Graphics Printing, Inc. is a family-owned business and has operated through three generations. We take pride in our legacy, we have appreciation for our clients and we continue offering the finest printing, binding, direct mail and fulfillment services with an unmatched commitment to quality.

HOT Graphics Printing, Inc • 5241 Elmore Road • Memphis, TN 38134 • (901) 387-1717